Leadership is an adventure to be enjoyed, not an ordeal to survive. In Inspired Leadership, veteran business consultant Chris Fuller leverages compelling, real-life tales of adventure to guide you through The InSPIRED Leadership Pathway.

This proven process equips you to lead your team or entire organization to achieve remarkable results with fully engaged team members.

Discover practical insights and engaging stories with roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-busy steps you can take today to embrace your leadership adventure!

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About Chris Fuller

Chris Fuller is  an International Leadership Speaker, Author and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in many aspects of business and organizational effectiveness including Leadership Development, Culture, Strategy, Sales, Emotional Intelligence, and Team Effectiveness. Chris is CEO and Owner of RightPath Resources and Influence Leadership, Inc.

A born adventurer, Chris pulls leadership insights from his own adventures and weaves them into his teaching. He has delivered keynotes and facilitated strategic sessions for an impressive list of companies including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Alvarez & Marsal, Dell Computers, Pfizer, State Farm Insurance, GAP, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ascend Performance Materials, DOW Agrosciences, McDonald’s, Lyondell-Basell, PC Connection, Compuware, Gulfstream, and Varde Partners. His experience in business and in working with such clients yields valuable, best-practice insights.

Chris has written two books. His breakout book Iditarod Leadership: Unleashing the Power of the Team, has been recognized by the Washington Post on Leadership with impact reaching people and companies in over 75 countries. A highly-sought-after speaker, consultant, and facilitator, Chris has traveled the world equipping leaders and organizations to execute with excellence and reach their summits.

Chris received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from The University of Texas at Arlington. For leisure, Chris enjoys SCUBA, sailing, fishing, music, motorsports, and has participated in skydiving, Alaskan dog mushing, and even made time to travel to Mt. Everest Base Camp to see the top of the world.


What People are Saying

Head shot of Shep Hyken, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-selling Business Author

Chris Fuller combines information, practical skills, passion, and entertaining stories and examples to bring you a book that will make the most seasoned leaders stop and think about leadership. He drills down on the foundational challenges that derail many leaders and empowers the reader with the tools to get intentional in your leadership style. He’ll have you flipping from “Thank God it’s Friday,” to “I can’t wait for Monday!”

Shep Hyken, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-selling Business Author


Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime

As business leaders, we are hyper focused on delivering results. Those KPIs, or metrics, are what propels every organization to constantly push forward and improve. However, those metrics don’t magically appear—an environment that fosters that level of growth needs to be implemented and permeate everywhere within the company. This book provides all of the elements for the secret sauce that creates a winning culture, delivers consistent results, and fosters growth. Read the book. Be inspired!

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy


Malcolm O’Neal Vice President, Human Resources, BJ Services

In InSPIRED Leadership, Chris Fuller has assembled a contemporary tool kit of leadership framework and business maxims that are relevant for every business and team looking to get better results. This book maps out the path to create the systems and culture that will produce Tier 1 actions and results. Investment in your team with this approach and remarkable results will follow!

Malcolm O’Neal, Vice President, Human Resources, BJ Services



The book is fantastic! Inspired Leadership is an adventure-packed read filled with real-world examples and “Ah-Ha” moments and  life-lessons. The book showcases a treasure trove of practical tools for high-performance leaders from someone who really gets it.

Scott Drexler, DM Strategic National Stockpile

Dream big. Gain clarity. Create success systems.

Are you an InSPIRED leader?

Think about the impact you could have if everyone in your organization walked in the door every day brimming with a shared purpose.

In Inspired Leadership, veteran business consultant Chris Fuller will guide you down the The InSPIRED Leadership Pathway to lead your team to exceptional results.

Leaders set the tone and pace for their team.

Discover how you can transform your workplace and embrace your leadership adventure!

Chris Fuller shares his Inspired Leadership Pathway:

      1. Intentional. An InSPIRED culture begins to form when you get intentional. Some companies and leaders succeed without ever understanding why. That’s a problem, because how can you replicate what you don’t understand? Excellence is never an accident.
      2. Service. An InSPIRED culture serves both external and internal customers. How people experience your team or organization over time becomes their expectation. Their expectation of you becomes your brand. Is your brand one that serves others well, or is it a self-serving brand? Do you even know?
      3. Passion. What fires you up? What passions fuel your best performance? Inspiration may influence you, but passion moves you and motivates the people you lead. If you’re in leadership, you’re in the people business. And people run on passion.
      4. Integration. Everything is connected in your organization. But how well do all the parts and pieces work together? The gears and sprockets that make up the inner workings will determine whether you produce inspired results.
      5. Real. As much as business leaders focus on hard data like production numbers and the bottom line, real people touch everything and determine long-term success. The best leaders develop a team of people who lead where they’re strong and where they’re weak. To do that, you must first get to know the unique strengths and struggles of the people you lead.
      6. Execution. Why do you need to inspire? To get results. And to get results, your team has to execute. If you don’t actually get things done with an accountability cadence, all your work becomes merely a relational exercise.
      7. Develop. Once you achieve excellence, the question becomes: can you sustain it tomorrow, next week, and next year? The best leaders know they can’t stand still—they must develop new skills and encourage each team member to grow personally and professionally.


An InSPIRED culture intentionally built by InSPIRED leaders produces an InSPIRED brand.

What Fuels Your Life?

Re-engage the leadership adventure by reconnecting with what inspires you.

Through The InSPIRED Leadership Pathway, you’ll rediscover how to lead your team to achieve extraordinary results with fully engaged team members.

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